Thursday 1 August 6-8pm

dna projects presents a one-night performance event


An interdisciplinary installation by Patric Kuo and Matthew Gode

With original music by Eugene Ward

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‘oingoboingo’ is an exploration of the external and internal factors affecting the way people dance. The project stemmed from a shared curiosity as to the effects of reversing the narrative of the music or the choreography or both.  In performance focus is usually placed on the music and its physical interpretation but by altering the direction of the music and reversing images the eye is then drawn purely to the movement of the dancers with the end result a strange juxtaposition of natural and unnatural.

In this piece the artists play with ideas of subliminal dance, with a backward narrative making it difficult for the audience to decipher as a linear experience. During the process Ward’s original score was originally played backwards and the routines choreographed, performed and filmed to the reversed music. In the finished work the music is played in its original format and the footage reversed so that we see otherworldly movements keeping time with the music and the grace and technique of the dancers seems strangely heightened.

Gode and Kuo, both of whom are respected dancers and choreographers, have worked with many of Australia’s leading dancers to produce these works which leave the audience slightly confused as to what is natural movement. In their capable hands we accept the reversed choreography almost without question – the end result is at once perfectly normal and utterly surreal.

The finished work comprises four disparate videos which will play simultaneously with the single track, accompanied at specified times by a fifth video to be played in conjunction with an interactive performance by Matthew Gode.

The artists wish to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the following people: Laura Bracken, Morgan Choice,

Kieran Crowe, David Denis, Gaynor Hicks, Jordan Hill, Talia Kuo, Jorden Lahood,  Stephen Perez, Tom Struik, Stephen Tannos, Ashleigh Tavares and Chris van Doren

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